Monday, December 19, 2011

Notice. Call. Care.

Child abuse happens every second, of every day. Some people NOTICE Child abuse, but never take the proper action. The Penn. State incident occured because people noticed,but nobody reported. That must stop. How can we stop child abuse if we don't even report it?
Notice. Call. And, Care.
Call your local Department of Social Services to file a report:

(Mecklenburg County.) 704-336-2273
(Gaston County.)  704-862-7555
 (Union County.)  704-296-4300

(Lincoln County)  704-736-8678

(Cabarrus County) 704- 920-2277      

Together, we will save a child. One call at a time. 

   One call is all it takes to be someone's hero!                      

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  1. Hope LOTS of people NOTICE. You are a caring person, and I love you very much.